Must Have Apps: 1.Book Creator

As I’ve continued to integrate iPads into my lessons, as well as assist with the integration of the device into the curriculum, over the last few years, I’ve slowly developed my ‘Must-Have’ App List. This is a series of apps that allow for creation of a variety of content, painless integration, app-smashing and ease of set-up.



Book Creator is on my top 10 list of apps to have on all iPads, irrespective of the age of the students. We’ve successfully be able to use this with the little kids, as well as our older high school students.


To start with, the ‘Getting Started’ tutorial has been a boon! Where I might have had a lesson with the students to learn, figure out and guide them through img_0801the how-to of the app, this tutorial makes it possible for the kids to do this on their own. We’ve done this in two ways:

  1. Where the students have their own devices, it was assigned as homework: Play with the app. Complete the Tutorial and be ready to create a new book!
  2. Where we use kit iPads: Students have one session of about 30 minutes where they have the opportunity to play with the app and figure it out. Try out all the features!

That you can reset the tutorial is a benefit given that if you are using a shared device, different kids can work through it over and over.

To go into the features of the app would be guiding you through the ‘Getting Started’ Tutorial. Instead, there’s just a couple of things I’m going to highlight before we look at examples.

Favourite Feature 1: The first is the choice of templates. img_0802Create Books, Create Comics, Create Both, Within the Same App.

Depending on what you want the students to create, they select the template. I quite like the idea of letting them choose their own templates, it allows them to decide what their project needs to look like.

The additional text and sticker features that you can add to your template will vary depending on whether you’ve selected a book or a comic template.

Favourite Feature 2: As you can see, the various elements that you can include make it quite easy to integrate this with other apps as well. We’ve integrated this will apps including: Explain Everything, Popplet Lite, Toontastic, iMotion & iMovie.

Favourite Feature 3:
The formats in which you can export your book when you’re done!


When you export as a video, the videos in your book also play as part of the video!! 

How we’ve used Book Creator: 

  1. Learning Journals: We used this with our Grade 4 students during their unit on States of Matter. We included photographs, vocabulary, experiment videos and much more. Final products were shared with the students and their parents as ePub files. I wrote about this as an App Review on Common Sense Education: Book Creator Review.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  2. Video Story Journal: Our ESL students were working on a unit on Stories, and the students had to plan, write and then animate their stories. They use Toontastic with Book Creator here. They wrote out their stories in the books they were making, animated in Toontastic, and then put both together in the app. We had the kids read out their written stories as well, which worked as a good opportunity to practice their speaking skills and better pronunciation before they animated their stories in Toontastic.fullsizerender_3
  3. Comic Creation in English: Similar to the unit above, students wrote stories and presented them as comics. The focus here was tense, and change of tense when it came to spoken dialogue. (He said – He says). We exported these projects as PDFs so we could print and put them up on the bulletin board, and later clip together for student portfolios. screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-12-42-32-pm
  4. Book Creator in Languages: We’ve used the app in our foreign language lessons where we’ve included pictures, word in English, word in language being studied, pronunciation through the speech feature.



More offered by the Book Creator Team as Resources and Training

While the app is fantastic and has so much potential, there is also the support they offer! Follow the links below to their site to know more.

Teacher Training: I’ve attended a few of their webinars, and the ideas shared are fabulous! So much is possible! Check here to know more about their Training for Teachers.

Make Comics With Book Creator

Publishing With Book Creator

Book Creator Blog: For ProTips, Case Studies and More

Book Creator on Twitter: I highly recommend following them on Twitter! That’s where I learn about new ways to integrate the app into the curriculum.

Oh the possibilities! Happy Creating!


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